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Updated: Apr 16

You may have a property that is being sold and need a stop-gap service.

Or you could own a property and need someone to look after it while you're not using it.

You purchased a property but prefer to keep it empty, but well-maintained and secure.

Most insurance companies require your property to be visited frequently if you're not in occupation.

If you own a property but use it only occasionally, how do you know if it's safe and secure?

Accent's attentive Vacant Property Management offers a service where you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands and that vital maintenance and administration issues are taken care of - wherever you are in the world.

We'll look after your property as if it's our own, so you can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that it's regularly monitored and any problems taken care of.

What Our Service Provides

Regular check-ups - normally weekly. We visit your property regularly to assess its condition and to make sure it's secure. Run taps, and flush toilets to keep everything flowing freely.

Single point of contact. We are a small, independent company with almost 30 years of experience in residential property management - we don't have a revolving door of staff coming and going as the corporates do.

Call-out repairs service. We deal with maintenance requests 24/7 365 days a year. Our associated company - Accent Maintenance Ltd is always on hand to deal with any emergencies.

Key Holding - We'll securely store your keys at our office address.

Post Forwarding - Any mail received for you at the property can be forwarded to you, or we can open/scan/email it to you.

Maintenance and Refurbishments - As well as reactive repairs, our colleagues are experienced at decorating and refurbs, should they be required.

Safety Certificates - We can arrange any important or legal checks on your behalf, including Gas Safety Checks and Electrical Inspection Certificates.

Expert Advice - We are very experienced, being landlords ourselves as well as managing a portfolio of landlord properties - we are well qualified with direct experience to advise you on all aspects of your property.

Locations - We're based in Cambridge but can travel if necessary to take good care of your property.

Peace of mind - 365 days a year


We base our fee on the rental value of your property. Just as our fee for managing a tenanted property would be 12.5% of the monthly rental, so we charge that same percentage when managing vacant houses and apartments.

If you would like to have your vacant property professionally managed, then contact or call 01223 398995.

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